Divine Nadi

Authentic Nadi Astrology
by Guruji Dr.A.Sivasamy, Ph.D.

Authentic Nadi Astrology

A good and authentic Nadi reading can create a big difference in giving great and accurate life guidance. Finding the right Nadi leaf and the accuracy of the Nadi predictions is mainly dependent on the place the Nadi readings have been seen. The authenticity of the Nadi Center is really important, only then the real accuracy and authenticity of the Nadi predictions can be experienced. An Authentic life Prediction can be a life long tool to get guidance from.

Nadi predictions simply seen at any Nadi centre cannot be accurate and authentic.it is important that the Nadi Astrologer has enough heritage and experience to give an accurate Nadi reading. And which is also equally important is the Nadi library he uses to give these Nadi predictions. So, it also important to get the nadi readings from traditional locations like Vaitheeswarankoil from people who have access to Authentic Nadi libraries. It is vital that one takes their nadi reading from the most authentic nadi astrology center. Since these days there are many fake nadi centres using the names of authentic nadi readers, it is important for the visitor to check the authentic nature of the nadi centre before approaching for the nadi prediction. A wrong visit to a wrong nadi center may put the visitor into mental disturbances.

The authenticity of the nadi reading is also mainly dependant on the authenticity of the nadi library. Our Nadi library is the oldest and the most authentic nadi library. It has been the same library used by our ancestors through the generations. Our forefathers were advisors to kings and used to give the king’s court astrological guidance. During these times the nadi leaves have been copied and renewed to the tamil language and this particular work has been carried out by our ancestors. During the Britishers period in India many of these ancient leaves were stolen or destroyed by the Britishers. These nadi leaves containing this divine information had been protected by our ancestors and these leaves were then used to share this information with the people. And through the generations, we preserve this tradition and this heritage to pass on this information to the generations to come. And even to this day our nadi centre offers these nadi predictions from our ancient library. It is the most authentic nadi reading you can have.

Our Nadi Center functions only members who are distant members of our family to preserve this tradition and heritage and each of our Nadi Reader has Trained more than 20-30 years to give the nadi predictions. Each of our readers go through extensive training of about 3-4 years before he can start to read the nadi leaf. By this way of learning, we preserve our heritage and tradition through the generations. Our clan known as the “Valluvan “are the descendants of the great Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar. Our clan through the old ages and now are mainly know for our astrological capabilities. Astrology has been our primary profession through the ages. It is even known in the Tamil culture as “Valluvan Vaaku” meaning the Valluvan’s Saying, there is a certain power to saying from our clan of people. Our people have been blessed with the mind and thought to give this authentic astrological guidance to the welfare of all the people. It is in our inscribed in our mind, soul and body. From our Nadi center Guruji A.Sivasamy Sivanadi astrology centre, you can receive the most authentic nadi predictions for your life guidance. It is not just a one time reading. The one reading can provide guidance at every point of your life and also can be referred to get more information from.