Divine Nadi

Authentic Nadi Astrology
by Guruji Dr.A.Sivasamy, Ph.D.

Nadi History

Nadi History


India is a land of vast history which dates back to more than 8000 years . It is the land where human body and mind were pushed to their beyond their capabilities and vast information have been attained for the welfare of all the people of this world. These people were the ancient rishis of india who applied their minds to the various aspects of life such as medicine, astrology, astronomy, religion and created wonders for the human civilisations. One such super science is nadi astrology.

India is a land of spiritualism. It is the birth place of many religions which people all around the world follow. It is the land where the gods lived and also is a place where people with divine powers have contributed immensely to the society of people by providing immense knowledge. This information has been recorded on palm leaves and most of this information are not very accessible to the modern-day people, but some of the divine information regarding astrology are available to some blessed few souls of the modern-day world. It is with the blessings of Lord Shiva and Patvathy Devi that one can find his Nadi leaf, Nadi Sastra says.

Nadi Astrology’s history dates back to the ancient times during vedas of the Hindu mythology. Nadi sastra tells us, Nadi has been preached from Lord Shiva to Goddess Parvathy Devi. From Parvathy Devi it has been preached to Lord Bramha. From Bramha it has been preached to the Saptha rishis, the 7 ancient saints of India like saint Agasthiya, who are considered to be the incarnation of Lord Bramha himself. The ancient saints through their divine meditational powers have written these divine messages on ancient palm leaves. These divine souls have dedicated their lives for the betterment of the future generations of mankind. They have created these divine records for the souls to lead a guided life.

The nadi leaves have been written during the time of the Rishis before thousands of years. These nadi leaves have been passed on to the ages of kings. During these times these nadi leaves have been translated to some of their languages. History shows us that historical figures like the great king Akbar and also Lord Buddha’s family has also taken guidance from the nadi leaves thorough the course of their lives.


During the time nadi leaves has been kept and transferred from king to king and it is during this time In tamil nadi , during the 18th century many kings were ruling the capital of Thanjavur kingdom. The king Saraboji Maharaja was interested in collecting these type of ancient palm leaves containing various subjects like politics, medicines, yoga and astrology. He had collected them from various parts of india and he had stored them in his palace library. In the process the King Saraboji Maharaja also had these nadi leaves translated to the Tamil language to learn the meanings of the nadi leaves better and to be beneficial to the king and the people of his kingdom. These translation work has been carried out by the Valluvan community of people who were our ancestors who were astrological scholars in the king’s court. Our ancestors worked as astrological advisors in the kings’ court and they have given guidance to the king about the astrological prospects to the king and the his kingdom. Our family has done this work of translation since our knowledge in understanding astrology. During these times the British have invaded India and have taken over many kingdoms in India. During this the britishers have taken away some nadi leaves containing information about science, medicine and astronomies. It is even believed some of the formulas to the modern medicines were derived from these ancient nadi leaves. The nadi leaves containing astrology were left back and our family has taken responsibility of preserving these nadi leaves within our family. After his period of rule, the following generations did not use these ancient palm leaves. These ancient palm leaves were collected by our ancestors who were astrologers in the king’s court. These ancient palm leaves are thus part of our family tradition. The nadi leaves have been carried over from generation to generations in our family. Our great grandfather had begun giving nadi predictions for the public from this town of Vaitheeswarankoil. the Arul Siva Arumugam family keeps and maintains the Original Nadi Library and uses them for the astrological service of the people of the current generation. Even today people from all over the world come and get their nadi predictions. This library is used during the present times for the benefit of the society. Our family carries the tradition of nadi astrology keeping the temple town Vaitheeswarankoil as our headquarters. people from all over the world come to us to get their nadi predictions from us. These nadi leaves are suitable for people belonging to any religion or any part of the world. Every person who has his nadi leaf will come to get his nadi predictions when the right time comes for him. This is the pre written rule of nadi astrology. If the time is not right the suitable nadi leaf will not be found for the person.

From our client experience only about 80% of our visitors find their nadi leaf. Some people may find it 6 months later or a year later. The right time and moment have to come for the person to get his predictions that are meant for him the Nadi sastra says. The nadi predictions have not been written for all the people of the world. These predictions have been written for the worthy souls who are bound to attain enlightenment in this birth or the upcoming birth. If the nadi prediction is written for a person wherever he is in this world he will come to get his guidance from the nadi leaf. In the same manner people who have their nadi leaf written for them get their nadi leaf and the guidance from it when the destined time comes for this person. Nadi itself means “to seek” in tamil. Our generation of nadi astrology has been done for more than 250 years by our ancestors in the family. And our 5th generation is currently is giving the nadi guidance to the people. Our nadi library in maintained and preserved by our nadi family. This library is used by our brothers and members in the family for nadi guidance to the public. This family library is in maintained by our family in Vaitheeswarankoil in south india.