Divine Nadi

Authentic Nadi Astrology
by Guruji Dr.A.Sivasamy, Ph.D.

Palm Leaf Astrology

India is a country rich in spiritual culture. Our land has been home to the ancient all-powerful saints who had vast mastery of spirituality and their reach to the divine beings. Their vast knowledge like medicine, astronomy and astrology to name a few have been recorded onto palm leaf for the welfare of the future generations of the earth. These palm leaves have been preserved through the ages and this information is available for the welfare of the modern people of the world. One such great knowledge is the Palm Leaf Astrology. By the means of palm leaf and palm leaf astrology, this divine information has been carried over from generations to generations for the people of this world to experience the benefits from it.

Through the ages palm leaf astrology has given guidance to many important people in society this can be traced through history. To mention a few examples Gauthama Buddha’s father has received information through this type of palm leaf astrology. Great king Akbar has received the information and guidance from the palm leaf astrology and many other kings and kingdoms around India have been using this information from time to time. And at the present times to very important people in the society get guidance from the palm leaf astrology for making strong decisions about their future by this way the path that they follow and the path which they choose is the path that is meant for them and the path which is suitable for them. This makes them more successful in their life decisions.

Palm leaf astrology is suitable to all kinds of people of the world whether he or she is from any country or language or religion Palm leaf astrology can be found for any type of person Palm leaf astrology is not only bound to the people of the Hindu religion. The information and the predictions given from palm leaf astrology are suitable and accurate to people around the world and people from all corners of the world come to seek it. And our Nadi Center gives consultation regularly to people from France, England, Italy, Germany, Scotland, UAE, Japan, China, USA, Canada, Australia through in-person consultations and also through Online consultations. Palm leaf astrology mentions the visitor’s information like names through sounds and references in the Tamil language. Written in ancient Tamil language the inscriptions written on the palm leaves have many meanings. One single sentence written on the palm leaf may mean many things, but it is by the skill and experience of the Nadi reader to relate to the visitor from anywhere around the world. This way palm leaf may be found for all types of people around the world.