Divine Nadi

Authentic Nadi Astrology
by Guruji Dr.A.Sivasamy, Ph.D.

Online Predictions

Online Predictions


Nadi Astrology has been written for the seeking soul, for the people who want to get the Nadi predictions and are unable to visit us directly to our office, can get your Nadi predictions through our online services. There are 2 methods to find your Nadi leaf. You can either find your Nadi by video call on Skype/WhatsApp or you can send us the online form to do the leaf search. For the online predictions we follow our traditional process and methods to give you the most traditional Nadi experience. If your Nadi leaf is found in our library, we will be able to give your predictions based on the Nadi leaf. The predictions can be explained to you by video call/ voice call and the voice recording will be sent to you by email. Available in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, English. Given below are more information on these 2 online methods.


In this method, Your Nadi leaf will be searched on video call with the help of your thumb impression. 3-4 Nadi bundles will be selected as per your thumb impression type and the information on the nadi leaf will be read to you one by one, for this process you must say “yes” or “no” to the information read from the Nadi leaf. One single nadi leaf must contain information that matches with your current life. If this type of nadi leaf is found, we will be able to give an accurate life prediction based on this particular Nadi leaf. For this you have to send us your thumb impression (male right hand / female left hand). For more information and appointments, WhatsApp us on +91 9994676640.


In this method, Your Nadi leaf will be searched with the help of the filled online predictions form and your thumb impression from our library. You have to fill and send us the online predictions form available in the link below and your thumb impression should be sent to us by WhatsApp/ email. If your Nadi leaf has been traced in our library, your predictions will be explained to you on video call (WhatsApp, skype) and the voice recording of the explanation will be sent to you by email. This method has been specially devised by our Nadi centre to find a person’s Nadi leaf accurately without the need for the person’s direct visit to our office. you may choose this method if Video call meeting is not convenient for you. For more information, WhatsApp us on +91 9994676640.